Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22: Gifts for the hardworking kids of George Brook

Today was another day on the job site, and we were welcomed by all of the children in their uniforms. This was our first time seeing them in their uniforms. They greeted us half way up the hill in bright yellow and blue colors. They were so proud and so happy. They held our hands all the way up to the job site. What a wonderful welcome to our day!

Say cheese! Jacquie taking photos of the girls

I must say that it is getting easier now to make it up that hill to our job site. 1000 steps is a lot to do first thing in the morning, but I am making it to the top without needing an oxygen tank!

Heading up the hill to the project site

We had a bit of waiting to do in the morning, but we managed to get work done with the kids in their uniforms and all. The girls were fetching water and some of the boys too. They put their backpacks aside and started working. Some of the workers were putting a roof on the temporary school this morning so they did not start classes right away. They just hung out with us. That is very much OK with us. They are very curious about us and so we were able to occupy them until the school was ready.

Helping hands from the students

Today there was only 85 students who attended school. Once they were all seated down, they were all quiet and well behaved. The principal made a bit of a speech and they listened very attentively. Sara and Santigie then proceeded to hand out some of Terry Shupe's wooden toys, some candy and a few things that Teresa had brought. They sat so well, and they were so thankful for the little gifts that were brought. Most of the kids that were there today also helped out with the project. What hard workers they are! I have never seen anything like it in my life. The gifts were just a little something to say thanks to them.

This was just another wonderful day here in Sierra Leone.

Deb Kasten
DWC Volunteer Participant
Sierra Leone: April 2014

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